Developing Effective Leadership

Creating environments where everyone flourishes starts with effective leadership. Faced with tough and complex challenges, leaders cannot have all the answers themselves. Instead they need to be equipped with the skills and confidence to form collaborative working relationships, ask questions, challenge, promote discussion, and engage others in  creating joint solutions. How leaders interact with others sets the tone for the whole organisation - personal and interpersonal excellence is key.

In developing effective leadership we work with both individuals and teams equipping you with the confidence and competence to master the following key disciplines. 

1. Personal Mastery – developing emotional intelligence (EI), understanding your values and following your purpose

Understanding what is most important to you (your values), having a clear purpose and making decisions aligned to these lies at the heart of leading with authenticity. This helps to build resilience within yourself and trust with those you work with.

2. Relationship Mastery - developing your relationships with others

No leader can exist without working and interacting with others and to be successful leaders need to be able to master these relationships. Understanding what is important to others, their needs, wants, emotions and perspectives is crucial to building rapport, as well as developing the skills to have open and honest conversations, influence, develop and harness the talents of others.

3. Relationship Systems Mastery – understanding and working with your systems

Leaders also need to be able to understand the complex nature of the relationships that play out in their partnerships, teams, organisation and wider systems that impact upon their performance. Drawing on the latest systems thinking and neuroscience we help leaders and teams to create a safe environment for exploration, develop deep awareness of their relationship system, increase understanding, which becomes a natural trigger for transformative change.

Leadership Development Programmes

We support leaders in their development through one to one coaching (either face to face or over Skype to suit your needs), leadership team coaching or through in-house leadership development programmes.

Leadership Development Tools

We use a range of supporting tools where approriate to develop personal awareness:

  • AVI - A Values inventory: a powerful online tool to help you gain deeper awareness about your own personal values
  • EQi 2.0  - A comprehensive self-assessment tool to help you and your team members assess your own emotional intelligence competence
  • EQ 360 - A 360 degree profiling tool allowing you to gain crucial information about the way peers, managers, customer and others see you.
  • Team Diagnostis Survey - an insightful tool that enables a whole team to understand itself more clearly against 7 Positivity and & Productivity Factors and provides a powerful benchmark for team improvement.

What Next?

If you are curious to know more about developing effective leadership within your organisation we'd love to have a chat. Just get in touch by email or phone, details at the top of this page, and we can schedule some time in to talk.