Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing

Mentor coaching is an ICF (International Coach Federation) requirement for anyone seeking ICF coach accreditation through either the Portfolio or ASCT (Approved Specific Coach Training) routes or if you are renewing your credentialing.

Its purpose is to provide feedback in a collaborative and positive way to help support the development of your coaching skills and capability in alignment to the ICF’s Core Competencies.

ICF Requirements

The requirement is for 10 mentor coaching hours with a qualified coach. For ACC accreditation the mentor coach needs to themselves be ACC accredited with a full cycle of credentialing experience, PCC or MCC. If you are looking to achieve your PCC then your mentor coach needs to be PCC or MCC.

Your 10 mentor coaching hours can be made up of either one to one or group support, with a maximum of 7 hours of group mentor coaching.

Your support should take place over a minimum of a 3-month period to allow time for reflection, practice and development. 

My Approach

As a PCC accredited coach, I offer mentor coaching to coaches seeking their initial accreditation or renewals, for both ACC and PCC credentialing.

After establishing some clear goals for working together, each one-hour session will typically involve reviewing a recording of your coaching. Usually we will listen to the recordings of your sessions prior to your session and together reflect upon these in a supportive and collaborative way, using the ICF competency framework as a basis.

For group work, depending on the number of participants, sessions are usually 90 minutes, and involve participants in turn reviewing a colleague recording.

As a trained coach supervisor, I add an additional creative and systemic element to our reflections, deepening your understanding of the wider dynamics playing out in your client work, allowing you to work with greater awareness and skill.

Sessions are usually carried out virtually using Zoom or Skype Video Conferencing.

Next Steps

If you are a coach needing mentor coaching for your initial credentialing or renewal then get in touch now. Complete the contact form below and we can schedule in a free 30-minute conversation to explore how mentor coaching can meet your credentialing needs.